We provide:

  • professional specialist advice and assistance to schools on personalised learning and support for students with additional learning needs and those at risk of disengaging
  • advice on pedagogy, financial and human resource management, team building, leadership development and strategy
  • strategic planning advice, evaluation and Annual Report writing.

We assist:

  • the management of disability learning and support service provisions in schools accordance with state policy and the introduction of the NDIS
  • schools following serious incidents.

We support:

  • understanding the guidelines of state policy regarding assets and resource access
  • Learning and Support Teams and specialist staff working within schools
  • learning and support teachers in schools in the development and implementation of personalised learning and support programs for students with additional learning and support needs
  • schools in the development of student health and wellbeing, discipline and attendance policy and procedures.
  • the Registration process with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

We deliver:

  • a range of learning and wellbeing services and programs to meet the needs of a diverse range of students, including students with disability and/or additional learning needs and those at risk of disengaging.

Coming soon:

  • Mindfulness for Teacher Wellbeing and Classroom Practice

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