• Carol is an outstanding educator with a wealth of experience in a variety of roles in schools. Carol’s understanding of students encompasses both a practical empathetic rapport she shares with them and a deep theoretical understanding based on her doctorate on Emotional Intelligence.  She has an excellent understanding of the supports, resources and programs students can access to meet their needs.  Carol has worked closely with students, families, staff and communities from a broad range of diverse cultural backgrounds. She is sensitive to the differing needs of these individuals and looks to recognise and support the ‘whole child’ in her work.

    Dr Joanne Bellette – Principal, Corowra High School

  • Carol has worked within education in many capacities such as Deputy Principal, Learning and Support Teacher and Learning and Wellbeing Officer. Within her roles she has demonstrated outstanding skills in building the capacity of teachers and School Learning Support Officers to address the learning needs to children.

    Tracey Winfer – Registered Psychologist

  • She has a thorough knowledge of policy and protocol in relation to student services and the experience and intelligence to determine the appropriate course of action required to address student needs. Her most recent research into the adolescent brain has focused her understanding of the challenges facing young people and appropriate action to address these challenges. She has an amazing empathy with young people.

    One of the most impressive of Carol’s qualities is this ability to inspire trust and confidence. It has been particularly evident in her dealings with students and their parents/carers. Difficult conversations have been conducted with empathy and wisdom, resulting in the achievement of a successful, collaborative outcome.

    Carol has demonstrated the capacity to access all available support for students as well as the ability to develop quality resources when support is unavailable or inaccessible. Her knowledge of a variety of pathways for disengaged students, or for students with a disability, is exemplary. Carol has developed Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs) for students that have provided access to learning for students who have previously been denied that access.

    Michael Bleakley – Principal (ret), Dorrigo High School

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